Jazzy Belle -Outkast


This song is about how the double standard is used against women at times. Andre 3000 raps about how a women being “poked” too often is not what he imagines as a mother for future children. He sees it negatively for a woman to be sleeping with several men and refers to her as “Jazzy belle” which can be linked to Jezebel from the Bible. It’s never not frowned upon for women to sleep around and have several partners the way men are able to do without being frowned upon. I’m not saying it’s right for women to sleep around but if they are being judged then so should men for doing the same. Women are held to certain standards while men are not. But when women try to be masculine, the public realizes this and calls it disrespectful. So who do we please? And who cares this much about what we do?

Bradley, R. N. (2014, September 22). I been on: BaddieBey and Beyoncé’s sonic masculinity. Retrieved November 28, 2016, from Sounding Out!, https://soundstudiesblog.com/2014/09/22/i-been-on-baddiebey-and-beyonces-sonic-masculinity/

Kovac, L. D., & Trussell, D. E. (2015). ‘Classy and Never Trashy’: Young Women’s Experiences of Nightclubs and the Construction of Gender and Sexuality. Leisure Sciences, 37(3), 195-209. doi:10.1080/01490400.2014.986347



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