Double Standards- Ab-Soul

In this song, Ab-Soul tells a story from two points of views. He raps about a guy wanting sex with a girlfriend’s friend and then raps about the girl’s friend wanting sex also. But the man in the end doesn’t get judged for wanting sexual gratification versus the woman getting scrutinized and gets called a “hoe”. This song reminds me of Janet Mock’s story of her life and how she felt when she couldn’t act a certain way while she was still a male. Because of the way the world works, men cannot be emotional, connected, or sympathetic because those are women characteristics. And when a women tries to be tough and rough she is seen as too masculine. Although they do not directly have anything to do with a double standard, I’m pointing it out because its a similar problem in today’s world. A woman cannot portray herself sexually or sleep around with too many men but a man can have all the one night stands he wants and never be mentioned. Women shouldn’t be crucified for the same things men do. It also has a lot to do with disrespectability politics in which a woman is showing a more masculine way of things such as being too sexual, her hair or the way her voice sounds.

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Mock, J. (2014). Redefining realness: My path to womanhood, identity, love & so much more. New York, USA: Atria Books.


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