Doo Wop -Lauryn Hill


In this song speaks about how women would act back in the day when women had to be silent and they sexually suppressed themselves. Now women dress provocatively and are more promiscuous.  Lauryn also warns women that men want “that thing” from them, which can represent what they offer, which can be sex, money, etc. It’s hard for women not be seen as sexual objects because its most often how men perceive them in settings. Often women find themselves caught between not wanting to be held to such standards but at the same time wanting to meet these standards for purposes of themselves. Lauryn Hill just states to be careful because some people just want your “thing”.

Kovac, L. D., & Trussell, D. E. (2015). ‘Classy and Never Trashy’: Young Women’s Experiences of Nightclubs and the Construction of Gender and Sexuality. Leisure Sciences, 37(3), 195-209. doi:10.1080/01490400.2014.986347

Mascheroni, G., Vincent, J., & Jimenez, E. (2015). “Girls are addicted to likes so they post semi-naked selfies”: Peer mediation, normativity and the construction of identity online. Cyberpsychology, 9(1), 30-43. doi:10.5817/CP2015-1-5


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