Daughters -Nas

I’m using Nas’ Daughters song as the last song on my playlist because it’s the last point to my concept. Yes, double standards exist and we don’t like them but they are there because the way the world is now, with social media and everything being so publicly put out there. Sometimes its hard to keep your own from falling into the pressures and standards that the world has put on them. So educating them can get so far before the social pressures come in and affect their logic. But whenever you see a woman, just remember that it is somebody’s daughter and in the future it might be yours.

Mascheroni, G., Vincent, J., & Jimenez, E. (2015). “Girls are addicted to likes so they post semi-naked selfies”: Peer mediation, normativity and the construction of identity online. Cyberpsychology, 9(1), 30-43. doi:10.5817/CP2015-1-5

Penny, L. (2013). I don’t want to be told I’m pretty as I am. I want to live in a world where that’s irrelevant. New Statesman, 142(5156), 38.


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