Sex With Me- Rihanna

This track is one of my favorites because Rihanna wants it to be known that she is the best you’ll ever have even if you think the next girl is better, she’s still number one. Her confidence and eroticism is a source of power for her. She feeds off the energy she exerts from her sexuality. It makes the viewer feel her “in your face” attitude. She also displays agency because it’s not the first time Rihanna displays sexuality which gives the public a certain persona of her as being the sexualized pop star singer that can say what she wants, even if it is stating that she is THAT good at sex, specifically with her.

Lorde, A. (1978). Uses of the erotic: The erotic as power (2nd ed.). United States: Out & Out Books,U.S.

Shange, N. (1989). For colored girls who have considered suicide/ when the rainbow is enuf (Collier Books ed.). New York: MacMillan Publishing Company.


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