Dance for you -Beyonce

In “Dance for you”, Beyonce plays the role of a dedicated woman to her man in which she dances very provocatively in front of her man as a thank you gesture for all he does for her. The love in which she feels for the man makes her want to dance for him. She expresses herself in an erotic way, which radiates her power of the erotic in which her biggest desire is her man. Along with the desire and pleasure she feels dancing for him as he watches. But she also comes in fully dressed and it isn’t until she is behind closed doors that she begins to unfold for her man. She is reserved and silent until she comes before her man, because he can have it as long as SHE lets him. Beyonce’s identity brings the possibility for the active production of speech, desire, and agency.

Shange, N. (1989). For colored girls who have considered suicide/ when the rainbow is enuf (Collier Books ed.). New York: MacMillan Publishing Company.

Hammonds, E. (1994). Black (W)holes and the Geometry of Black Female Sexuality(A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies ed.). Duke University Press.


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